Signature Value(s)
The Very Best in Corporate Housing

Our Values. Our Mission.

Value, Quality, Empathy, Convenience, and Comfort. These are the Values that SGNTR takes more seriously than any other. We could add Honesty, Integrity, and Teamwork but we think those go without saying. When it comes to providing corporate or temporary housing—and everything that entails—you can count on the SGNTR Team to be a valuable member of your team.


At SGNTR, Value itself is foremost among our values. More bang for the buck. More quality for the coin. Whether you’re an individual seeking a home away from home for a time, or a manager tasked with no less than with moving heaven and earth, we’re here to help you get the most of for your money or meager budget. You could say it’s our Mission.


Our Mission doesn’t end with providing Value, because Value goes hand-in-hand with Quality. That means providing dedicated hands-on service, a turnkey one-check transaction, and the utmost in comfort and convenience in temporary housing—with all the amenities you expect and more.


Lining up corporate or temporary housing for an extended stay isn’t easy, especially where you’re on a budget, and especially when you need to find housing for a large group or team. We get it. At SGNTR, we understand the pressure you’re under, and the many details that need to be taken care of—from the right location, to the proper conveniences for working away from home, to smaller details like reliable connectivity, gas & energy bills, kitchenware, easy access to food and entertainment…the list goes on. But don’t sweat those details. Let our team do it for you, so you can concentrate on other important tasks.


One call. One check. The right location. Every detail taken care of. That’s real convenience, and it’s what our team seeks to provide every day. Being away from home for a month or more is inconvenient in and of itself. That’s why SGNTR is dedicated to doing whatever it takes—every time—to ensure that you or your clients experience the utmost in temporary housing convenience.


We saved the best for last. At SGNTR, Comfort doesn’t stop at clean, soft cushions, pillows, and blankets. Comfort also means safe surroundings, temperature control, wonderful décor, access to quality dining & entertainment options—and even a nice view on the other side of the window. These are important details, and we make every effort to provide true, comprehensive comfort with every corporate or temporary housing contract. Contact us today and see.